What we do ...

We create your co-ops online presence

Co-operative Webs have expertise in all things co-op because we have been co-op members ourselves for over 10 years.

We Know Co-ops!

We have built websites for co-ops across Canada as well as developing their social media. Co-operative Webs also offers co-op members and office staff training on website & social media management or we can manage it for you should you desire.

Having shown the quality of our work, Co-operative Webs was invited to become an official Co-op Cost Cutters supplier in the web design & social media development categories which we gladly accepted.

If your co-op board is considering getting a website built, we provide no obligation, free written quotes that you can take to your next Board meeting for review.

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Details of our Services

Web Design & Maintenance

We build it and maintain it for you

Co-operative Webs is a full service web design company offering a vast selection of services and products to Co-ops across Canada. We have been designing and building websites for co-op clients for over 10 years now.

We can take care of every aspect of your website project from concept right through to the finished product ready for launch. Domain names and hosting accounts are established and configured to your websites needs.

Your website will need to be updated, maintained and protected after its built. We can design a maintenance plan for you built around anticipated changes and updates for your website. We will be their for you long after you website has been launched.

We also design logo’s for our clients who need new logo’s or we can take existing logo’s and make the web ready.

A co-op website will be beneficial not just for the members of your co-op community, but for the public as well by informing them of what co-ops are all about and in particular, what your co-op community is like.

We develop custom websites from scratch or we can customize CMS templates themes to suit your needs.


Social Media Development

Make your co-ops voice heard

Never before has communication and interaction among housing co-op members across Canada been more important than now.

In this day and age with many co-ops coming to the end of their operating agreements, a co-ops voice has never been more necessary to hear than now. Campaigns like the “You Hold the Key” are successfully reaching out to co-op members across Canada because of social media.

Co-operative Webs is a co-op website developer that specializes in taking your co-op’s recognition to the next level through “Word of Mouse Networking”.

Social Media Optimization for co-ops is the next step in reaching out to your public via the Internet after your website. We take all the social media options and turn them into networking opportunities for your co-op and their members.